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NAUJIENOS Psychosocial rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol dependent people PARTNERIAI
PATALPINTA: 2014 07 01
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If this has happened to you or a person whom you care about - here you will find everything you need to return to meaningful life:

Safe house, community which understands you, a strong professional team, strict, but time-tested rules and a wonderful environment.

The first "Winners‘ Academy" community banded together in year 1992. We are not proud of the first rehabilitation center’s title in Lithuania but the experience which was hardened for twenty years and good traditions. During these years we had a healthy community of over 400 people, of which nearly 300 fully completed the rehabilitation course.

Our community existed for many years and worked in Vilnius, but in 2013 we moved to the wonderful "Labanoras" regional park in the "Moletai" area where we live in a spacious two stories high house on the shore of Lake Siesartis. Here, all members of the program have cozy double rooms with all the amenities. There are rooms that can accommodate parents and relatives, who have the right to meet with participants of the program.

In the community cottage you will find kitchen, fitness room, table tennis, billiard, cinema hall and sauna. Near the house there is space for basketball, volleyball or football. It is very important that the rehabilitation program is comprised of members who are constantly active and thoughtful, and regularly travel to sightseeing tours; we organize trips to the art galleries, swimming pool or an amusement park, and on weekends - movie reviews.

To overcome the addiction, where is something to learn to live with their disease, to find some meaning in soberness and to create safe environment to go back to a full, meaningful life, the "Winners‘ Academy" is offering you:

*  Internationally recognized and proven course of 14 months, four phases of the rehabilitation program,

*  12-step of soberness program studies,

*  The therapeutic program is composed for each person individually,

*  Consultations of the psychologists,

*  Individual and group therapy,

*  Social workers’ help,

*  Lectures on the topic of dependence,

*  Narcotics Anonymous groups,

*  Occupational therapy,

*  Art therapy,

*  Legal advices,

*  The possibility of administrative penalties to be changed to public works in the center area.



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